buddha & balenciaga: it’s all about balance

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Let’s keep it 100: you know you’re for a reason, but you’ve been having trouble becoming that bitch™

you know, the one who moves with person, who knows she’s unstoppable, who has that magnetic personality that just seems to attract money, opportunities, and people like hotcakes.

you’ve tried it all - journalling, meditating, crystals, etc. - and while you’ve seen some results, you know you’re meant for so much more, and you don’t understand why it’s easy for everybody else but not for you.

it’s not like you want a 10 million dollar penthouse (not right now, anyways). you want to get a nicer apartment, be able to buy a designer bag, travel first class, and have the kind of life you want. but mostly, you don’t want it to be so fucking hard.


you’re either operating from alignment… or you’re not.

chances are… right now, you’re in the not category.

yes, even if you’re making $100k or $1 million a year. if it doesn’t feel simple, fun, and sustainable, you’re not in alignment.

the problem won’t be solved by another funnel, or by mindset journalling until your pen runs out.


you need to let go of who you think you should be, so you can become who you were destined to be your whole damn life.


I’m Erika Ashley, master numerologist and women’s empowerment strategist.

my mission is to help you live your most glowing and radiant life by helping you hone in on and profit from your unique glow factor.™

whether you’re just getting started on your journey or you’ve built a seven-figure business that is stressing you the fuck out, i can help you shift to a point where you’re glowing.

because there’s no better look than a bitch who’s lit the fuck up from within.


that lit from within look starts from alignment + ends with the right highlighter


here’s how i can help with that


glowverhaul experience™

glowverhaul™ is a 3-day in-person 1:1 experience designed to help you glow from the inside out, starting from the lit from within elements of purpose and alignment, transitioning to your business, and ending with a new signature look that embodies who you are and how you’re meant to glow.

glow factor accelerator™

glow factor accelerator™ is the only program of its kind that combines transformational work with beauty and business. you’ll discover your unique glow factor, how to use it to revolutionize your business, and how to rewire your brain (and your personal image) to reflect your unique brand.

the glow factory™

a curated set of resources, go-to beauty products, and mini-courses designed to help you be your most empowered self and create your most glowing and radiant life.


This work we do together isn’t just about helping you find alignment (or the perfect highlight), it’s about being your most glowing, radiant self without limitations.